About the programme

Rooted in Danish educational tradition, the Playful Learning Programme aims to develop and encourage a more playful approach to children’s development and learning.

Since launching the programme in 2018, it has been our vision to contribute to and strengthen children’s creative, experimental and playful approach to the world and their motivation to learn.

Our vision forms the foundation for a long-term and ambitious partnership between the Danish University Colleges and the LEGO Foundation. Our common ambition is to create a pedagogical development, based on the qualities of play and playful approaches.

Our purpose

Our mission is to create a national movement for pedagogical development, rooted in the qualities of play. A movement strengthening the quality of how we meet children and youths within the daycare institutions and schools.

Based on Nordic pedagogical tradition

we wish to create a pedagogical room for development

which strenghtens children's curiosity, immersion and motivation to learn.

The partnership

The Danish university colleges and the LEGO Foundation shares a common vision of encouraging and strengthening children’s creative and experimental approach to their everyday life.

For the Danish university colleges, the partnership is a strategic commitment towards providing excellent teaching and providing world-class pedagogues and teachers. The university colleges bring knowledge, research, practice and a national structure for development, which reaches children in every daycare and school in the country.

The purpose of the LEGO Foundation is to create a future where learning through play strenghtens children’s development and well-being. The LEGO Foundation supplies financial support, expertise within play and learning and a unique international infrastructure, including renowned universities and researchers within the field of play and learning.



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Playful Learning was established. Through the first years, the main focus has been the development of the social and teacher education.
We have built capacity to ensure a professional foundation for working with a playful approach to children’s development and learning for future pedagogues and teachers.

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In 2019 we launched one of the largest research programmes within the field of playful approaches in sociale education and teacher training.

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Since 2020, we have focused on expanding our national community of development in terms of strategic partnerships with Danish municipalities to create synergy between the university colleges and daycare and schools.

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In 2021 we launched two new projects: Play@Heart and PlayTime (Leg For Dig), which aims towards day care and schools. These projects contribute to our work with – and development of playful approaches to development and learning in practice, alongside with our development project and research extension.

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In 2022, Playful Learning was further extended by four years until 2026. We will continue exploring, developing, and integrating playful approaches in day care and schools, as three new projects are launched. P+L Praxis, P+L Nexus and P+L Praxis Research will establish development communities between university colleges, day care and schools, strengthen international collaborations within and across the programme and contribute with research and knowledge about the impact of playful approaches in day care and schools.