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Try a Playful Tool and Get Inspired

Want to get started? Here, you’ll find examples of tools and ideas that can be adapted to your subject and focus. Use the tools to plan, implement and evaluate new initiatives in your daily work.

Playwheel for higher education

For Higher Education: Bridge the Gap Between Learning and Play

Playwheel inspires new ways of conducting lessons and education for students in pedagogy and teacher…
Pedagogy programTeacher education

Explore the Role of Play in Your Daycare Institution

Use Playwheel to plan, explore, and discuss play scenarios and their benefits in your daycare…
Daycare institutionsPedagogues
Playwheel for teachers and pedagogues in primary schools

Spot and Reflect on Playful Approaches to Teaching

Playwheel is a tool designed to support and inspire playful approaches to teaching in schools.…
PedagoguesPrimary schoolTeachers