About Playful Learning

Purpose and Background

Here, you can find information about our programme’s purpose, partners and background.

Woman and girl with balls

Playful Learning contributes to good childhoods through play

Our research has shown that incorporating play and playful approaches in the education of children and adolescents can promote their participation and learning. That’s why we’re focused on working with playful approaches in childcare facilities, schools and the training of pedagogues and teachers. 

Our goal is to strengthen the communities that children and adolescents are part of, their eagerness to learn, and their sense of belonging, both academically and socially. In doing so, we aim to enrich their lives through play. 

Learn more about fostering children’s desire to explore, investigate and experiment in this video.

Multiple Partners, One Shared Vision

In 2018, Denmark’s six university colleges and the LEGO Foundation established a long-term partnership with one shared vision: to promote children’s creative, experimental and playful approach to the world and lifelong desire to learn. 

Thanks to the university colleges’ national infrastructure and local collaboration with pedagogues, teachers, students, lecturers and researchers, we ensure that we reach children throughout Denmark’s childcare facilities and schools. 

The partnership follows the arm’s length principle. In practical terms, this means that the university colleges are responsible for the programme and for making decisions regarding its development and research.  

Paving the Way for More Play

If we want to encourage more play in Denmark’s childcare facilities and schools, we need to work closely with tomorrow’s educators. That’s why Playful Learning has been a permanent part of the Danish university colleges’ pedagogue and teacher training programmes since 2018. 

In the project’s first years, the focus was researching how playful approaches are implemented in teaching. In 2019, the programme expanded to include a research project aimed at generating new knowledge about playful approaches in education. 

In 2021, Playful Learning took its first steps towards the praxis in daycares and schools with PlayTime and Play@Heart, thus incorporating the university colleges’ in-service training programmes into the project. In 2023, we launched another project geared towards praxis, which focuses on impact research in childcare facilities and schools.