About Playful Learning

Who’s Behind Playful Learning?

All six university colleges in Denmark are a part of Playful Learning. Each university college collaborates with local childcare facilities and schools through four projects.

Participants in Playful Learning

Educators from pedagogue, teacher and further education programs in Denmark collaborate with daycare centers and schools in their local area. See the participants here.

Playful Learning Research

Playful Learning Research is one of Denmark’s most comprehensive research projects focusing on play and learning. Its main objective is to expand our understanding of playful approaches and the language used to describe them. Moreover, it aims to support the integration of these approaches into pedagogy and teacher training programmes.

The project began in 2019 and is currently in its second phase. From 2023-2026, we’ll primarily investigate the role of play and playful approaches in children’s everyday lives, particularly in daycares and schools.

Et barn, der leger med modellervoks


Play@Heart is a school development project that exploresthe possibilities and limitations of technologies in close collaboration with children. Since 2021, 12 schools have participated in the project, and all participating schools receive support from teachers and consultants from Denmark’s university colleges. As part of the project, we are also developing PlaySpaces – creative learning environments that support a playful approach to technology comprehension. 

Børn, der leger med og på papvægge

Leg For Dig

Leg For Dig/PlayTime is a project focused on developing new formats for in-service training that specifically address some of the challenges pedagogical staff face in their daily work, such as creating better opportunities for children to participate in play. 

Since 2022, educators and consultants from Denmark’s six university colleges have worked closely with staff and children from 12 different daycare institutions to develop new designs for in-service training courses. The new courses are expected to become available at Denmark’s university colleges beginning autumn 2024 and are aimed at all pedagogical staff who work with children aged 0-15 in childcare facilities and schools. 


En pædagog og et barn, der leger sammen

P+L Praxis

P+L Praxis is a project that brings together educators, teachers, lecturers, and students from Denmark’s pedagogy and teacher training programmes as well as in-service training programmes. The project’s purpose is to explore possible solutions to pedagogical and didactical challenges in an interdisciplinary and exploratory manner, using playful approaches. The ultimate goal is to promote the well-being, development, and learning of children and adolescents.  

As part of the project, we are developing PlayLabs – creative learning spaces, established at university colleges, schools and childcare facilities. The purpose of these spaces is to inspire playful approaches to pedagogy and didactics. 

The project began in 2019 and is currently scheduled to run until 2026. 

International outreach

All Playful Learning projects have an international outlook, and we actively seek to exchange inspiration and experiences with educational and research institutions as well as communities of practice in other countries. We regularly go on study tours and welcome visits from collaboration partners. We’re also engaged in international research networks focusing on play and playful approaches. 

Feel free to contact Mette Skovgaard Ernlund, responsible for international relations, to hear more.