To elever, som leger sammen

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Here, you can find knowledge and stories about playful approaches, including publications, articles, and videos.


Publications in Playful Learning Research

A list of publications in Playful Learning Research

PlayBook 4

A publication about the significance of play and playful approaches for children and adolescents in…
Students in movement during a teaching situation in PlayLab. In the back you can find the staircase, which is referred to in the booklet

PlayLab seen through the eyes of educators

A booklet about experience-based stories and experiences with an established play and learning laboratory at…

PlayBook 3

A publication about the development of a didactic foundation for a playful approach to learning.
A number of materialities you can use in creating playful approaches to teaching. Among others you will find a ball, a rope, dices, cones and an hourglass

Space and materiality – an unexplored field

A booklet on how space and materiality plays a part in playful learning processes
Four examples of play tarot cards. 1 example from each house.

Let’s talk about play qualities

A Booklet about Play Tarot Cards.

PlayBook 2

A publication about the development of playful approaches in Playful Learning.

PlayBook 1

A publication about the development of PlayLabs and playful didactic designs.


En figur, som en elev har bygget ud af forskellige materialer.

Exploring how Playful Learning Transforms Student Participation

Schools involved in the Play@Heart project draw inspiration from a private school in Boston.